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Looking for ASP.NET Facebook Style one to one Chat for my SM site?

kpsteverobertkpsteverobert Member Posts: 2
Hey guys, We have a requirement for a one to one chat from one of our clients for a social media kind of project we are doing. The problem is that we need it in quick time so i would rather use an already made component that is out there. I do not mind paying a license fee but it must not be a yearly thing. One time fee is something that we can convince our project lead for. I have been searching google for the past 4 days and i do not see any components similar to what we need in I do see comet chat for php but we need that in

below are some of our main requirements:

1-1 chat
Footer placement in bottom right similar to that of facebook and gmail. The ones i can find right now are all chat room sort of layout which we cannot do.
Status to be changes by user. Appear Offline is a must.
SQL Server Database. We need all chat transcripts to be saved until we want to delete/archive them.
Group Chat is a plus as we might need that in future but is not needed right now. But a possibility of having in future would be a good thing.

Any help/suggestions will be highly appreciated.
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