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whitesoul_21whitesoul_21 Posts: 1Member
label should be highlighted(changes color) when button is togl...it runs in form 1 but when I linked it to another form and type the same code,the togl button doesn't work....

please help me i need this for my project in school..thank you!!!

If Inp(&H379) = default Then
togl = True

ElseIf Inp(&H379) = button_1 And togl Then
cnt_button = cnt_button + 1
If cnt_button = 6 Then cnt_button = 1
togl = False

ElseIf Inp(&H379) = button_2 And togl Then
Select Case cnt_button 'Evaluate Number.
Case 1: Form2.Show 1
Case 2: Form3.Show 1
Case 3: Form4.Show 1
Case 4: Form5.Show 1
Case 5: Form6.Show 1
End Select

togl = False

ElseIf Inp(&H379) = button_3 And togl Then
cnt_button = cnt_button - 1
If cnt_button = 0 Then cnt_button = 5
togl = False
End If


Select Case cnt_button ' Evaluate Number.
Case 1:
Call Default_color
Label2.BackColor = &HFFFF00 'set back color....
Case 2:
Call Default_color
Label3.BackColor = &HFFFF00
Case 3:
Call Default_color
Label4.BackColor = &HFFFF00
Case 4:
Call Default_color
Label5.BackColor = &HFFFF00
Case 5:
Call Default_color
Label6.BackColor = &HFFFF00
End Select

End Sub[b][code]
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