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please help me.. i need inheritance codes please

Black_JokerBlack_Joker Member Posts: 4
please i need help D:

i need Inheritance codes~~~
i need to draw cars and trucks and background with road and a house with sky.

i have to use Vehicle class as a parent class. To draw pictures, i should draw fun things coming up with different drawings. the problem is that it is a "hard code".
i need to create a car class and a truck class as a children of Vehicle class.
the following UML classes shows the required elements in each class:

Vehicle class contains:
-color: Color
+Vehicle(in x:int, in y:int, in c:Color)

>>> Vehicle class to represent an aoutomobile. there are 2 types of automobile: "car" and "truck". the draw method uses these values to draw the corresponding object.
>>> the draw() method is responsible of all the drawings of the Vehicles. it contains all the logic for drawing.


Car Class Contains:
-doors: int
+draw(in g:Graphics)
+Car(in x: int, in y: int, in c c:Color, in d: int)

>>> the move() methods move the car across the screen. it simply update the position of the car.

Truck Class Contains:
-type: string
+draw(in g: Graphics)
+Truck(in x: int, in y: int, in c:Color, in type: string)

DrawPanel Class Contains:
+paintComponent(in g: Graphics)

>>> the drawpanel class should contain Timer object that is responsible of making things move of all Vehicles that i create.

TestDraw class contains nothing its only runs the classes :)

Finally, i need to make the vehicles exit the screen in one side they appear from the other side.
please i would like to know which codes should be in each class and i will be really thankful to you.

i hope to get the solutions as soon as possible please....

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