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Runtime Error - Seeking Help

TheKingfishTheKingfish Member Posts: 15


  • ActorActor Member Posts: 447 ✭✭
    I think Turbo Pascal gives this error only if range checking is on. By default it is off.

    Look for a place where you have declared a sub-range, such as
    digit : 0 .. 9 ;
    if you do this and range checking is on then any attempt to assign a value outside [b]0 .. 9[/b] to [b]digit[/b] will cause the error.

    The use of [b]pred[/b] or [b]succ[/b] can cause this error.
    ch : char ;
    upper : 'A' .. 'Z' ;
    ch := succ('Z') ;

  • TheKingfishTheKingfish Member Posts: 15
    Thanks for your input. The formal search for runtime errors within Pascal (embedded code for identifying the line number) has always seemed to be a cure worse than the disease. But that
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