Guys need help for prorgramming in Java language !! Urgent!!! :)

Hey guys I have one programming assignment deadline on Feb 19th ..!! I am very bad at programming and I need your help!! Please anyone can come for a solution for my assignment??? I will be thankful to you very much !! Have a look at attached file for my programming assignment details !! It says that I need to develop a file sharing program like bit torrent with certain specifications ! please help guys !! Thanks for all your help in advance !!! :)


  • I had a programmer that got transferred to my department that got through school this exact way. he didn't work for us long and will likely not work for any company where he manages to sneak past their hiring process for long.

    You don't know how to program because you aren't struggling through the assignments like you're supposed to. It's not supposed to be easy, you wouldn't learn if it was.
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