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ASP - MS Access Date

am using ASP with MS Access
in the database i have InvDate as DateTime, format: 14/11/2011
I want to get invoices Dated 14/11/2011

strSQL = "SELECT * FROM invoice WHERE invdate = CDATE('14/11/2011')"
works FINE!
Now if I am taking 14/11/2011 through form, I will save it in a variable say...
strSearch = Request.Form("txtSearch")
what will be my SQL statement?

strSQL = "SELECT * FROM invoice WHERE invdate = '" & Convert.ToDateTime(strSearch) & "'"
strSQL = "SELECT * FROM invoice WHERE invdate = '#" & CDATE(Request.Form("search")) &"#'"
strSQL = "SELECT * FROM invoice "WHERE invdate = '"& strSearch &"'"

Can anyone help me out... tks.

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