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Validating TextBox Inputs

HenryCaschHenryCasch Member Posts: 1
Hello from Seattle,

I am between beginner and intermediate level in VB.Net 2010. I am trying to validate TextBox input to accept ONLY "A", "a", "S", "s" or the Backspace key. I am missing something and getting a bit frustrated.

My code is:

Private Sub txtAnswer_KeyPress(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyPressEventArgs) _Handles txtAnswer.KeyPress

'Accept only A, a, S, s or Backspace key for "txtAnswer" TextBox Control input
Dim KeyAscii As Integer = Asc(e.KeyChar)

If ((KeyAscii = 8) Or (KeyAscii = 65) Or (KeyAscii = 83) Or (KeyAscii = 97) Or (KeyAscii = 115)) Then
e.Handled = True
KeyAscii = 0
e.Handled = False
End If
End Sub

I am sure a fresh look tomorrow will make the answer pop, but if anyone has the answer, please enlighten me.

Thank you, Henry
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