DetailsView with FileUpload Control

hello friends
i need some help:

i have a form with detailsView controls bounded to an ObjectDataSource.
inside the detailsView i have some textBoxes, dropDownLists and FileUpload control.

now the ObjectDataSource has another class to handle the insert method.

without the fileUpload everting is ok, but when i try to insert the file upload to the InsertParameters of ObjectDataSource, its not working.

any help will be appreciated!

here is the code...


[code]<%--Data sources--%>

<%--Data sources--%>

<%--details view--%>

' >

' >

<%--details view--%>[/code]

[code]public void InsertNewShop(string title, string name, string phone, string site, string segment, object FileUpload)
FileUpload FileUpload1 = FileUpload as FileUpload;
//upload picture
string imagePath = "~/ShopsImages/" + DateTime.Now.ToString("ddmmyy_hhmmss") + FileUpload1.FileName;
string fullPath = HostingEnvironment.MapPath(imagePath);

//create shop object
shop newShop = new shop();
newShop.title = title;
//...more code...
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