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Noob - What do i need?

BebopxBebopx Member Posts: 3
Hello everyone,
I have no idea where this topic should go, so I just picked basic for now; Sorry if I posted in a irrelevant location. What I want to do is create a simple text-based game...Yeah yeah I know there are already a lot of them out there but I have an idea that is one of a kind. This would involve a very complex battle system for me as well as a experienced programmer.

What would i need to learn to create a text based game?
What would i need to learn to create a battle system?
Would i need to learn/need anything else?
Where do i learn these languages?
Where should i host my site?

Any advice will help!
If you wish to help me with the text based game, send me a private message.
I will pay for the site hosting.
I am only 16 and there are no classes for me to learn coding.

Thank you,
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