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program wanted

LengoLengo Posts: 2Member
I want an applet for Windows XP that reminds me that Daylight Savings Time has started or ended. XP sets the clock, but it doesn't tell me it did this. I don't watch TV. I don't know when the time changes. This has caused me to miss appointments. Windows used to have this reminder, but Microsoft has done away with it.

I am retired and disabled. I used to be a programmer but I don't want to get involved again because it's way too stressful for me. But I can write pseudo-code so I've written the following. If anyone is willing to create this little applet, I sure would appreciate it and I know others would like to have it too.

I'm not sure that my logic is totally correct, so it needs testing, but here it is. If it needs to be modified, then okay, fine!

if ThisAppSettings.cfg contains "False" Then
if month is 11 and day >= 4 and time >= 02:00 and ThisAppsettings.cfg contains "False" then
show popup "Daylight savings time has ended and your computer's time has been adjusted"
create file ThisAppSettings.cfg with text, "True" ;True means it's been shown
if month is 3 and day >= 11 and time >= 0:200 and ThisAppSettings.cfg contains "False" then
show popup "Daylight Savings has started and your computer's time has been adjusted"
create file ThisAppSettings.cfg with text, "True" ;True means it's been shown
if month != 11 and month != 3 and ThisAppSettings.cfg contains "True" then
create file ThisAppSettings.cfg with text "False" ;this will be run once



Note: ThisAppSettings.cfg is an ascii text file and it starts with containing "False" so that the true condition can be found. If the month is not 11 or 3, and it contains "True" then the cfg file will be reset to "False" outside the month's that Daylight Savings starts or ends and it won't be reset in those months. This applet assumes that the user runs his computer at least once per month after either standard time or daylight savings time begins so he sees the pop up window. If the month is not 11 or 3 and it contains "False" then nothing is done -- the program runs and just exits (I think). ThisAppSettings.cfg can have any name, but name it the same as the executable except it has the .cfg extension

Any standalone program (no runtime library needed) is best to keep the file size small, and I *think* Java is the answer.

Popup means that a popup window is displayed with an Okay button so that the message does not go away unless the user acknowleges the message. The applet should run automatically at a system start, so that the user is immediately notified.

Is anybody up for this? I don't even have a C compiler anymore and I certainly don't want to learn Java just to write one small little applet. I don't want to buy any compiler and learn or relearn the language's library functions. Please help if you think you can do this and are willing to give it a go. I doubt that it would be all that difficult and it would be very helpful for us old timers who can't keep track of this stupid daylight savings adjustment. Why Microsoft did away with their little applet is beyond me.

I'm not real certain about my logic here, but I think it will work. It probably needs to be fixed, but this looks pretty good to me.

Thanks for helping. Shout if you want to give it a try.
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