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please help clean up code!!!

jwood44jwood44 Member Posts: 3
this is the question:

Hello, I am attempting to write a program in c. First I will put in my program so far. If you are willing to help I would appreciate it. It compiles ok but does not work correctly.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:
Use a double-subscripted array to solve the following problem. A company has four salespeople (1 to 4) who sell five different products (1 to 5). Once a day, each salesperson passes in a slip for each different type of product sold. Each slip contains:

* The salesperson number
* The product number
* The total dollar value of that product sold that day

Thus, each salesperson passes in between 0 and 5 sales slips per day. Assume that the information from all of the slips for last month is available. Write a program that will read all this information for last month
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