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Need help in matlab system identification for mimo system.

joe_mikaeljoe_mikael Member Posts: 2
given heater as the input and rel.humidity and temp. as the outputs.

To find this coefficients of this mimo system.This is my coding so far and i get confused .what should i find next?i also attached the .mat file .Please help me.May God bless you all. :)

[code]temp = A(:,1);rh = A(:,2); %temp % rh as the output
heater = A(:,3); %heater as the input
y =[temp rh];
u = heater;
trn_data_n = 100;
total_data_n = 218;
yn = dtrend(y);
un = dtrend(u);
ave_out = mean(y);
ave_in = mean(u);
T = 5; %minutes
hvac = iddata(yn,un,T);
hvac.InputName = {'Heater'};
hvac.OutputName = {'Temperature';'Rel.Humidity'};
plot(hvac(:,1,1)) % temp. vs. heater
plot(hvac(:,2,1)) % rh vs. heater
ms = step(hvac); % step responses
impulse(ms,'sd',3) % impulse response with confidence regions corresponding to 3 standard deviations
%state space model
mp = pem(hvac(1:trn_data_n)); % Use only the first half of the data for estimation:
A=mp.A; B=mp.B; C=mp.C; D=mp.D;
[nem, den]=ss2tf(A,B,C,D,1); %convert ss to transfer function
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