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How to handle user session along with jquery and php

itylerityler Member Posts: 1
I have a website that requires the user to choose 1 of 2 locations and then redirects to the website content running the appropriate jquery functions associated with each location choice. How can I handle a "session" with PHP once the user makes the location selection how can I carry that choice into the other pages of the website.
I already have a cookie being set and read with javascript but I would like the site to function properly even with out cookies.

Im not very experienced with PHP or sessions at all but to me it seems as though I need php to create and store a session variable once the location is selected but I am unsure of how to check the session info with jquery/javascript. Or even the proper way to create and end the session with PHP in this case. Thanks for the help!!


  • hyphentechhyphentech Member Posts: 3

    With the help of cookies you can handle these session along with jquery and php.

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  • warteswartes Member Posts: 3
    et a header in <,/head> -connection session-
    try to register the condition - if isset($session1) == set the desired value.
  • warteswartes Member Posts: 3
    et a header in [code]<,/head> -connection session-[/code]
    try to register the condition - [code]if isset($session1) == set the desired [/code]value.
  • BudnetCBEBudnetCBE Member Posts: 1
    You can't do it through jQuery alone; you'll need a combination of Ajax (which you can do with jQuery) and a PHP back-end. A very simple version might look like this:




    // Get the src of the image
    var src = $(this).attr("src");

    // Send Ajax request to backend.php, with src set as "img" in the POST data
    $.post("/backend.php", {"img": src});

    PHP (backend.php):

    <?php<br /> // do any authentication first, then add POST variable to session
    $_SESSION['imgsrc'] = $_POST['img'];

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  • warteswartes Member Posts: 3
    so the code will not work correctly -
    I do not advise to use the

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