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Looking for a programmer (for a videogame)

My Name is Davide Alexandro Fiandra, in the last month I've been working at a game called #FFFF00 (you can see here the outline of the project: [link=][/link]), untill now I've tried to programming it myself, but I came to realize that being myself not much of a programmer it would have been troublesome to both writing it and programming it myself. So I'm searching for a programmer that could work on the coding part of the game, untill now I've worked using python+pygame so the best would be a person who knows python well, but since I doubt that my code would be salvageable anyway I'm interested in anyone who knows well any c++ like lenguage (XNA, C#, etc...). Naturally if you're willing to work at this project you'll be entitled to a fair share of whatever money we will make once the game will be out.
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