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Need help with my program

shawnalexshawnalex Member Posts: 2
Hi there I'm pretty much of a beginner with this site and forgot how to use Pascal. What I'm trying to do with my is basically create a virtual menu program like a pizza menu. I'm not as good with pascal as I use to be and would appreciate any help with this. What I want my program to do is that when the user runs it, I want it to show a list of choices like Starter, main course, dessert and beverages/drinks. when the user types in number 1 (representing the first choice starter), it should take them onto the next stage showing a list of food items that they can choose. After they've chosen they are asked if they want to have a main course, dessert or drink/beverages to choose or if they want nothing else and wish to exit. I looked at my other programs to see if I can implement those ideas into my program but seems to show no relevance (could have fitted it in if I remembered how to use Pascal properly).

I would really appreciate if someone could really help me. Thanks in advance.
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