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Issue with User Input

kayakinackkayakinack Member Posts: 2
When I call the following section of code, I get to the section to enter an integer for enter number of grades to drop and my program crashes.

[code]void Course::enterGCInfo(int num)
GradeCat tempGC;
string tempStr = "";
cout << "Enter Grade Category Name: ";
cin >> tempStr;
double tempDbl = 0.0;
cout << "Enter Grade Percentage: ";
cin >> tempDbl;
int tempInt = 0;
cout << "Enter Number of Grades To Drop: ";
cin >> tempInt;

This is the error message:
[code]Unhandled exception at 0x004149eb in Grade Tracker.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x3343f1c8.[/code]

I'm using Visual Studio 2010 Express - Start Debugging. When it reaches this error it takes me to following code in file xstring

[code] bool _Grow(size_type _Newsize,
bool _Trim = false)
{ // ensure buffer is big enough, trim to size if _Trim is true
if (max_size() < _Newsize)
_Xlen(); // result too long
if (this->_Myres < _Newsize)
_Copy(_Newsize, this->_Mysize); // reallocate to grow
else if (_Trim && _Newsize < this->_BUF_SIZE)
_Tidy(true, // copy and deallocate if trimming to small string
_Newsize < this->_Mysize ? _Newsize : this->_Mysize);
else if (_Newsize == 0)
_Eos(0); // new size is zero, just null terminate
return (0 < _Newsize); // return true only if more work to do

The cursor stops next to this line:
[code]if (this->_Myres < _Newsize)[/code]

The function calls dealing with that Integer input

[code]void GradeCat::setNumToDrop(int num)
numToDrop = num;

[code]void Course::setGradeCat(int num,GradeCat tempGC)
GCs[num] = tempGC;

GCs is an array of GradeCat objects

[code]void Course::refresh()


  • kayakinackkayakinack Member Posts: 2
    umm, you'll have to put that into so easier language to me to understand.

    Anyway, I figured out my problem, I knew it would be something stupid. I was not sending a proper value to the function, so that improper value was being used to insert an object into an array. DOH!
  • ciomalauciomalau Member Posts: 4
    why all = faknob? i want know! :(
  • ciomalauciomalau Member Posts: 4
    i see how they = st00pid but they all die... :(

    man listen i want to start creating my own games in C++ using directx9. but i'm right at the start! i'm barely at chapter 4 from Thinking in C++. and i have some questions about what i learned. so take this as an example

    void (*funcptr)();
    //so this is a pointer to a function which takes no arguments and returns void

    void* funcptr2();
    //a function which returns a pointer to void

    void* (*(*fp1)(int))[10];
    //fp1 is a pointer to a function which takes an int an returns a pointer to an array of 10 pointers to void

    float (*(*fp2)(int,int,float))(int);
    //fp2 is a pointer to a function which takes 3 arguments and returns a pointer to a function which takes an int and returns float

    i can read most of these expressions using the middle-right-left-right-etc method described in the book. but i'm not sure i can use this stuff - it seems too complicated. so if i take up game programming would i bump often into such things?

    PS i now mother not home but she come late ok?
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