Renown calculator concept

Ok I've been trying to get a renown calculator made for almost a year now but I can't program anything to save my life (i veagly remember some HTML but anyway).
i have the data that i need for the guild level's and multiplier numbers for each level. (levels 26-100, and the multipliers 2.197000 up to 3375.0)
on the calculator as you can see in the picture below i'm having:
1.the user select their guild level from a combobox and the guild level multiplier displays in a label.
2.the user enters their modified account size (m.a.s) (1-2000) in a textbox and the account size multiplier shows their m.a.s + 10 in a another label.
3.renown lost per/day show in again a label (which is the xact amount of lost)

i'm also going to add a per/week (exact amount) lost plus a per/day & week (estimated lost) to the calculator so the leaders and guild members can see how much renown they will lose in a week.

my problem is that i can't remember anything i learn back in high school (i'll be it what few programs i have don't have any lines of code that i need)

also i haven't got any code started yet
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