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PowerBuilder to SpatiaLite

vzavecvzavec Member Posts: 1
I want to send data for points and lines from Sybase to DotSpatial project using SpatiaLite.

ODBC connection between PowerBulder 11.5 Sybase SQL and SpatiaLite SQL works OK except for inserting/updating the spatial geometry datafield.

When running INSERT command directly inside spatialite GUI :

INSERT INTO newtbl (Geometry) VALUES (GeomFromText('LINESTRING (111 111,20 180,180 180)' ))

the geometry field looks like this: BLOB sz=96 GEOMETRY

But when I run the same command with powerbuilder script the geometry field data looks like this: LINESTRING (100 100,20 180,180 180)

How to fire SpatiaLites function "GeomFromText" from PowerBuilder script.

Please I need help on this.
Thanks, Vojko
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