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Transcendental Equation - Weird Output

fudgesterfudgester Member Posts: 2
Dear all,

I'm using Matlab R2012a (

I was trying to solve a really complicated transcendental equation. The code I inputted was:

>> syms t;

>> s='(8.39*10^-3)+(3.21*10^-11)*((3.68*10^-9)+(3.33*10^-10)*t)^(-2/3)=(-4.42*10^-5)*(exp(-4089.6*t)-1)+(1.68*10^-2)*exp(-4089.63*t)-(-0.18095*t)';

>> solve(s)[/color]

In a previous version of MATLAB, I would get the following answer:

[color=Red]ans =


For this version of Matlab, though, I got this instead:

[color=Red]ans =

[ 100 Element Column Vector ]
[ Data Type: anything ]
[ Storage: rectangular ]
[ Order: Fortran_order ][/color]

Would appreciate help on what's going on here. Thanks in advance.

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