Insane Matlab application project

EGR 115 Summer A 2012 Final Project
Due: June 20 , 2012

You are to develop a interface in Matlab to determine if the trajectory of a anti aircraft gun can hit a target in the air give the horizontal and the vertical coordinates of the target with respect to the gun (coordinate 0,0). If the trajectory passes through +/- 5 feet of x or/and y coordinates, the target can be hit. For simplification we are considering a two dimensional coordinates (x and y) only. Your software must perform the following tasks:

Program requirement:
1- Read a text file consisting of coordinates of ten aircrafts (x,y, z)
2- Find a closest aircraft with respect to the gun (o,o,o)
3- Assuming the gun base rotation is in the same x,y,z plane as the aircraft, given the initial velocity (from the user), determine the trajectory angle for gun to be able to shoot down the aircraft
4- Display message stating if the target can be hit or not
5- Plot the trajectory of the bullet from firing until it hits the aircraft showing the aircraft with a character in the graph.
6- Display the time it took for the bullet to hit the aircraft
7- Display the initial angle
8- Give error message if the initial velocity is not large enough to hit the target
9- Display maximum range and the total flight time of the projectile based on the given initial velocity and the calculated angle for hitting the target. (this is just in case the target was missed, where would the bullet land)
10- You must use at least 3 user defined function
11- You must use loops
12- You must use dialog boxes (if we get to discuss them)

Documentation Requirement:
1- The first page as before
2- You need to keep track of the time you spend on the following phases and document it on the second page of your report with the total time spent on everything.
a- Understanding and gathering requirements
b- Design
c- Implementation
d- testing
NOTE: how much time you spend in each phase does not have anything to do with your grade for this project, please be truthful, this is a data that I am gathering for my own.

3- Next pages should consist of your code and a screen shot of your final output
4- last page should have a paragraph titled conclusions which should describe how you think this project help you understand Matlab , did you like it, what would you change, delete or add to it, etc.
Extra credits:
- animation of plot (10 points)
- any other bells and whistles (5 points)


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