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PHP & Smarty Templates

silverCoder909silverCoder909 Member Posts: 1
I have my class

class Announcement
public $ID;
public $info;

public function __construct() { }

I use mysqli to interface with my database and create an array of objects

$result = array();
while( $row = $some_sth->fetch_object() )
$tmp = new Announcement();
$tmp->ID = $row->ID;
$tmp->info = $row->info;
$result[] = $tmp;

I want to output this array of objects in my smarty template but I cannot seem to figure out how. Any help would be appreciated.

-DB access is not the problem; I can echo out the array of objects just fine and output is as expected.

-smarty setup/configuration is fine. I can assign other variables and they display just fine.

Again, if anyone can help me get the array of objects to output in smarty, I'd really appreciate it.


  • MiskatMiskat Member Posts: 7
    Nice job... keep it up ... jquery integration with make it better ... can i use codecanyon with this ????????????
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