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I am a java user. Just trying to firgure out this expression in C++

EthOmusEthOmus Member Posts: 1
The following two code samples, written in the C++ programming language, both determine if the given unsigned integer x is a power of two.

// The obvious method
unsigned int x = ...;
bool isPowerOfTwo;
if (x > 0) {
while ((x % 2) == 0) {
x = x / 2;
isPowerOfTwo = (x==1);
isPowerOfTwo = false;

// A method using bit manipulation
[b] bool isPowerOfTwo = x && !(x & (x - 1));[/b]

Regarding the last assignment to isPowerOfTwo:

1. Presuming (x & (x - 1)) will evaluate to an int , s ! equivalent to ~ in this context?
2. why int values,x and , appear as operands of &&? How is the value of an (intValue1 && InValue2) expression determined.

I was looking at a wiki page about bit manipulation. And this confusion is really hindering my understanding of the whole thing, please help.

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