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Python Dictionaries

n1ck3n1ck3 Member Posts: 4
I am writing a small application for a freind of mine, and it includes a dictionary. I need to have the user input the 'key' value and have the program output the 'value' value. Any ideas on how to do this?
P.S. - A way to inform the user that a key is not in the dictionary would also be nice.


  • em-arcamenelem-arcamenel Member Posts: 3
    Try this:

    myDict = {} # Create your own
    userKey = input()
    if userKey in myDict:
    myValue = myDict[userKey]
    print('Value found: {}'.format(myValue))
    print('No such key!')

    Or you may prefer this one:

    myDict = {}
    userKey = input()
    print(myDict.get(userKey, 'No such key!'))
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