Creating raster map and calculating averages

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I am working on my Master's thesis and have thought about using ArcGIS to create a raster map of latitude/longitude (0 to 360 degrees) temperature data (in Excel format). This temperature data reflects the total amount of warming that has occurred per degree Celsius of global warming by location. For my purposes, my data collection process involves me upscaling regional temperature warming into a global mean temperature warming.

As such, what I am attempting to do is transform the provided Excel data into a raster map in ArcGIS. In doing this, I would be able to visually see regional temperature increases per degree Celsius of global warming. The idea is to be able to more flexibly calculate regional temperature averages per degree Celsius of global warming (such as in the NW Pacific, or the North Atlantic), so that I can upscale these averages into a global mean temperature warming. My question is, would it be possible to calculate these averages in this way? If so, what procedure can I follow?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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