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Question regarding For Each Loop issue with Smiley Control

musiccravemusiccrave Posts: 1Member
Hi Guys,

I have tried the RTB control from this page here and its really great... Although I want it to be automatic and not just insert a smiley after clicking a button. Im putting a For each loop on a textchanged event on Trichtextbox1

Basically, I have array of the emoticon Codes (emotCodes= i.e. "Smile | :) " , "Frown | :( , etc ) and an array of the locations(emotLoc = i.e "emots1.gif" , "emots2.gif" , etc )

I have also a sub

[code]Public Sub chooseImage(ByVal imageLoc As String)
Dim theImage As Image = Image.FromFile(imageLoc)
If Not Trestan.Utility.isImageCorrupted(theImage) Then

Dim thePic As New PictureBox()
thePic.Image = theImage
thePic.Size = theImage.Size
End If

End Sub[/code]

Here is what I have so far

[code]Private Sub tRichTextBox1_TextChanged(sender As Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles TRichTextBox1.TextChanged

For Each st As String In emotCodes

Dim _index As Integer
Dim emotcode As String = ""
_index = TRichTextBox1.Find(st, RichTextBoxFinds.WholeWord)

If _index > -1 Then
If st = emotCodes(0) Then

TRichTextBox1.Select(_index, emotCodes(0).Length)

ElseIf st = emotCodes(1) Then
TRichTextBox1.SelectedText = st
ElseIf st = emotCodes(2) Then
TRichTextBox1.SelectedText = st
End If

End If


End Sub[/code]

What happens is that, it only adds the smiley below the codes and adding them multiple times Frown | :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced Big Grin | :-D

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