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Help with my Class Implementation

EliiElii Posts: 3Member
I need help with my assignment.

[b]The first part:[/b]
This program is to simulate a dice and generates the number from 1 to 6.
Each number is associated to a prize like 1 is a car, 2 is a holiday, 3 dinner and so on

Im to construct this class implementation and specifications.

This is what ive done so far....


class MagicNumber
int number;
string item;

void setNumber(int);
void setItem(string);
int getNumber();
string getItem();
void display();
int generateNumber();


void MagicNumber::setNumber(int)

void MagicNumber::setItem(string)

int MagicNumber::getNumber()
return number;

string MagicNumber::getItem()
return item;

void MagicNumber::display()

int MagicNumber::generateNumber()

So pls help me....
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