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Explurse-a space strategey game.

a game written in c++.

Hello, I am here to share a game called "Explurse" with you. Now, Explurse is a game currently in production by myself and a friend. What is Explurse? Explurse is a text based strategy game set in the 2600s and of course in space. The player is in command of his own empire. You start out with a single "Base" on a planet. You must build structures and maintain a population to expand, you can research tech and construct ships, for those who are familiar to this type of game, there is much more to it then this though. Explurse is doing things that other games couldn't even consider doing.

For example, 3D photo-realistic planets. What does photo-realistic mean? It means the planets looks as if it was a picture, like the earth from orbit. Every single planet in Explurse is also randomly generated, meaning that no 2 planets, moons, asteroids or gas giants will ever look the same.

Explurse also has a rich story-line that will span the course of 600 years being written by an author (Not revealing who yet). We will introduce players to characters that were crucial to the Explurse universe as we unfold the story through monthly "short stories". Explurse will bring players closer to the fiction then nay other text-based game has before. your planet will be unique, look very realistic, and have active weather effects, also generated. Wouldn't it be cool to see a lightning storm from orbit? They're amazing to see in orbit from Earth, and they will be just as amazing to see in Explurse.

Explurse is about doing the things that other games tell you are against the rules, credit transfer, conquering planets ect... All is possible in Explurse. We will redefine the genre and show players what they have been missing. Design your own ships and ground units! Shortly after release, this will be possible in 3D! to learn more about explurse and some of it's truly amazing features, join me on:

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