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C++ and Scala

kantakikantaki Member Posts: 1
I am studying computer science since 2 years now and I love to learn new technologies. I learned roughly java,c#,lua,php,python, c++ and scala.

I just want master one language now, but it is really hard to decide what language it should be.

C++ is nearly everywhere and c++ knowledge will probably help me more then scala. Especially if want to do something with cryengine/unreal4 in the future.

But I also want to do webdevelopment and with scala and lift this is really great.

I think both languages are great but I know some c++ "experts" and they say that I can't learn c++ on the side, I would have to fully commit to c++ otherwise I won't see the full potential of the language.

I don't want to know which language is better and they are probably to different to compare them.

But I am a beginner and I don't know all features of the language, so I can't make an objective decision.

I hope you can give me some information and help me to decide.

Thank you
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