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Putting Together a Game Team - Volunteers Needed

KaiaKaia Member Posts: 1
For a while now I've been interested in designing and producing an addicting/interesting/interactive/unique browser based game. Sadly, I lack the skills needed to do so. I'm semi-skilled with the artistic side of things, but know next to nothing about coding, programming, etc. Is there anyone willing to help me out with this?
I need basically everything. So anyone that has any knowledge/experience in creating a game (ranging from programming and coding to story writing and designing), I'd love to hear from you.
My ideas on the game so far are this:
2d (Possibly. not a sure thing)
3rd person
I want there to be a story line to it. Like a purpose in ways of quests, etc.
I'm thinking it'd be interesting to add mini-games that allow players to earn in-game money, quest items, etc.
You can post below, email me at [email protected], or contact me on Skype at kaiabliss for more details. I'm desperate!
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