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A few questions about matlab..Need urgent help..

MrBrickerMrBricker Member Posts: 1
Hi Friends
I have a few questions.I would be glad if you can answer them.Since I am a newbie I don't know very much.Here are my questions.
Which codes should I use in order to save a recorded sound as a file?
How can I invert the recorded sound?
How can you find the time in milliseconds of the duration between two recorded words in a recorded sound?
How can I save a photo of my face via using webcam by using codes?
How can I plot this record(photo) to screen?
How can I Invert my photo up-down so that it will seem as head to tail?
How can I find the average red, green, and blue values of my photo?
How can I increase or decrease the red component of my picture by 25.
How can I plot the picture of my right eye on a separate window?

I know I asked a lot of questions.But I don't know anything about it and I need to learn fast.I would be very glad if you at least answer some of them..Thank you for your help..
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