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Feeling Confused with Neurorule Algortihm

SouseseikiSouseseiki Member Posts: 2
I'm doing my assigment to extract rule using neurorule algorithm (basically neural network) which is explained in a journal entitled "NeuroRule: A Connectionist Approach to Data Mining".

It has three major steps
1. Network training
2. Network Pruning
3. Rule extracting

I'm still in the first step which is a kind of backpropagation. It is explained that, there are two activation function which is used. Log sigmoid and hyperbolic tangent sigmoid. I get mad with them. They produced a value that isn't really clear to be 0 or 1 so I search about activation function more and find that applying those needs derivative activation function.

But inside the journal, there's no explaination about that. Should I add it or not? and is there any explicit impact if I add it?

Please for the help.

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