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For a new online card game?

Dear all,

I hav a game that i want to bring online since it didnt exist as of now and therefore i think its a sure fire money making project. but i m a poor guy. so i need fairly good estimation of the expenses involved. any answers and details would be greatly appreciated.

the game is a card game. it uses 3 decks of cards without using those jokers, only cards from a-k.
its not like poker where lots of betting takes place after game started. in this game, betting is constant and doesnt involve raising bets after game started. so its simpler.

i hav made all details for the website, its contents, images to b used, and the rules of the game( for the codes function).

now wat shud i do next, to whom should i contact next, wat should i b doing now?

thanks a ton in advance for your response and if i succeed, i bet i find all of you to thank!


shambala forces

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