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Newb: Way to store snippets?

Hi everyone,
Do any of the Java IDE's have a way to store snippets? That is the thing that I most miss about Dreamweaver. It had a quick and easy way to drag and drop common used code. Many thanks.


  • sunlotussunlotus Member Posts: 55
    edited December 2013

    There are shortcuts for repetitions which indeed are very important when we go to work. I was asked to give examples in job interview. For example when type a system.out.println: type syso and press Ctrl+Space from the keyboard. (check on youtube/google for more shortcuts). Also we have cheat sheets: in Eclipse, go to Help->Cheat Sheet. There you can find an option "select a sheet from a file" or type the url of the sheet. Maybe you can load sheets with pre-typed code that you wrote before.You already have the "Hello, world" example there.

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