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C Program crashes after compiling without error

rodolphombcrodolphombc Member Posts: 2
Hello there.

I'm heaving trouble with a C Program that I'm writing to simulate a Multi-Layer Neural Network. It compiles without any issues, but when I run it, it crashes instantanously. I would be very thankful if anyone could give me a hint. The code is below:

/* Multi layer network to classification of data */



  • Pelle-48Pelle-48 Member Posts: 43
    I have no good debugger for this so I replaced some of your
    // comment....
    with printf("comment....
    and got this:

    Timer variable
    Initialize weights

    before the crash

    Have you tested any of the neural net programs by karsten Kutza?
    They are in C and works well with my compiler (Borland 5.5)
  • emreatanemreatan Member Posts: 4
    thanks it works
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