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V or C#

I currently run a website for a sports association. They currently enter results via cpanel webpage I created for them via PHP. I want to move them over to a more advanced Windows based system using MySql. The database is also used on the website via PHP.

What language should I be using to create a Windows based application for the office to enter in tournaments, results, address information, player information etc etc et directly into the MySQL DB, VB or C#?



  • abhi6784abhi6784 Member Posts: 6
    Hi David,

    As for the language, every language is good, only thing matters is how you use it.
    VB and C# both are good language. Now-a-days C# is the industry standard for .Net.
    As for MySQL you can always use LINQ to code for database related queries.

    -Abhishek Agarwal
  • v008370v008370 Member Posts: 5

    I prefer Visual Basic because it's much easier to read. Especially if you're a beginner. In truth though, c# and VB are virtually identical in capability. Take a quick look at both languages and see what you prefer!


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