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Programmer/Beta Testers for FSX

I am seeking a programmer familiar with Microsoft FSX, and a few beta-testers to help me complete the ultimate Flight Simulator tool. This program will make it easy for any FSX simmer, modeler, or Real-World pilot to incorporate Real World engine and aerodynamics into any aircraft within their FSX library. The program includes many aerodynamic mathematic formulas and routines that are never used by any payware or freeware modelers, or even those who offer model upgrades. This program will make it easy for anyone who desires to witness the reality of their chosen aircraft within FSX, and will assist real-world pilots and airlines in training scenarios using FSX. The programmer will be paid 50% of the proceeds, and the beta-testers will receive free versions, with updates, of the program, for life! The Programmer must be a U.S. citizen.


Douglas E. Trapp
FS Flight Dynamics Engineer
[email protected]
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