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Clarify some jargon for me?

somm456somm456 Member Posts: 3
I want to make sure I get my lingo straight.

I know it's possible to declare functions with the same name if their parameter lists are different. My question: Are function parameter lists a part of their [b]identifiers[/b], or does "identifier" refer [italic]strictly[/italic] to its name? (Therefore, it would make sense to say, "It's possible to have more than one function with the same identifier...")

Is there any difference between "identifier" and "name" that I should know about? Or "identifier" and "symbol"?

Similarly, is a function "declaration" and "prototype" the same thing, or do they differ in some way?



  • somm456somm456 Member Posts: 3
    Sorry about the double-post. The website gave me an error, so I resubmitted, but didn't think to refresh the section before doing so.
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