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Mesh / surf in Matlab - color

dlichudlichu Member Posts: 3
Hi all,

I have some question regarding using functions from subject.

I have vectors:
size(x) = [379 1] % Created by x = 1:379; x = x';
size(y) = [579 1] % Created like above
and I have matrix of values:
size(z) = [379 579]

I read that to do mesh I need to do something like that:

I got result line in attachment.
In figuree.jpg you can see some chart. Matlab colors it from blue to red for z axis, so everything is blue because of peak in first few values in y side.

My question: how to change color direction? I would like to color mesh in direction of x axis, meaning x(1) would be red and x(379) blue. Is it possible?

Best regards,

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