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Sentence Generator using arrays C++

MrHappyTh0ughtMrHappyTh0ught Posts: 2Member
I'm having trouble trying to figure out this program could anyone help?
Here's the code I've written so far


using namespace std;
void sentenceGenerator (char noun[], char verb[], char subject[])

int main()

const int MAX_SENTENCE = 5 ;
string sentence[MAX_SENTENCE] ;

char noun[5] = {"Dog", "He", "She", "Bill", "Jane", } ;
char verb[5] = {"Hops", "Runs", "Hugs", "Jumps", "Skips", } ;
char subject[5] = {"Pond", "Road", "Bill" ,"Jane", "Spike", } ;

int randomChar = rand();

cout << "The sentence:
" ;
for (int i = 0; i < sentence ; ++i)
cout << sentence[i] << endl ;

return 0;

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