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Sea level simulator

NailbombNailbomb Member Posts: 2
Hey guys, how are you?

I don't know if this is the right forum but I would like to ask some motivated guys with a little spare time to develop a sea level simulator. I know there are some "sea level rise simulators" but they don't really do the job and honestly are just a bunch of crap in my opinion.

What I'm talking about is a functioning piece of software that is based on real topographical data to allow the user to either rise [b]or decline[/b] the sea level by any amount. I couldn't find any software, so I was hoping someone with a slight geographical interest would take some time to develop it.

I'm not a programmer and have no real experience whatsoever and wouldn' take part in the coding, but I would try to organize and provide every ressource needed to do this and who knows, maybe the ones making it come through can find a market for it in universities or something.

This is not a "real" job offer and has no payment worth mentioning involved in it, I just wanted to throw out the idea and see who responds and maybe likes to work on it from time to time.

Also if you think there is a suitable software for me to use, please ignore the above and redirect me to where I can get the program.

My regards,
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