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Change value in a column

m0n0jbm0n0jb Member Posts: 2
Hi, I need your help.
I need to change the value 999999999 for xxx when the condition is meet
when U_Importacion != 'S' then price
[color=Yellow]when (((datediff(day,getdate(), t1.expdate)/30.00) /U_Prometido) <= 0.25) then 999999999[/color]<br />when (((datediff(day,getdate(), t1.expdate)/30.00) /U_Prometido) <= 0.5) then (round(T4.Avgprice * 1.05/1000,0)*1000)<br />when (((datediff(day,getdate(), t1.expdate)/30.00) /U_Prometido) <= 0.6) then (price * 0.5)<br />when (((datediff(day,getdate(), t1.expdate)/30.00) /U_Prometido) <= 0.7) then (price * 0.7)<br />when (((datediff(day,getdate(), t1.expdate)/30.00) /U_Prometido) <= 0.8) then (price * 0.8)<br />when (((datediff(day,getdate(), t1.expdate)/30.00) /U_Prometido) <= 0.9) then (price * 0.9)<br />else price
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