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help with fortran errors: Bad value during floating point read?

Hello! I'm in dire need of someone who's familiar with this program. I'd like to ask about how i can correctly run it. I have a program for wave simulation called REF/DIF1 and it is written in fortran language. It's actually a multiple source codes compiled together and I have already compiled these source codes using g95 compiler and produced the executable files. Now i'm having a problem inputting a bathymetry file for the program. The file i am trying to input and read is a .dat file which contains depth values formatted much like an array or matrix with 128 row x 128 column. The program is suppose to open and read the depth values and use it to calculate for wave heights, etc. However whenever i try to run the program, i'd always encounter this problem. "Traceback: not availabe, compile with -ftrace=frame or -ftrace=full...Fortran runtime error: Bad value during floating point read."

Someone, please help me on this. Thank you very much!
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