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Would like to start going into creating wordpress themes?

Hello, I been thinking about doing WP themes as a complete beginner with no experience in HTML/CSS. I desired to learn how to create WP themes, adding value to them, i'm complete noob at it but i want to sell them into the marketplace.

I'm interested in Creating wordpress themes because:

1. I want the joy in making themes.

2.Selling them to marketplace like Themeforest, etc.

3. Possibly plan to make it into a business long term.

If anyone is familiar in making wordpress themes, do you know where i can start with little or none coding because i would to start at it soon?
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  • johncruzjohncruz Member Posts: 6
    If you want to create word press themes then you should learn about HTML and CSS. Yuo can learn this olnine from w3schools.
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