changes and errors in a programm

I have attachead a programm with which I have to take some results by inserting inputs. My inputs contain measurements like "mm dd yyy" for consecutive days (e.g. 03012013_03062013). This function reads the ascci files and makes singe day hourly avereged size distribution ascci files in the directory results.
Firstly, I want to change the name of the files that are created. I want them "mmddyyy" because now they are named "mdyyyy".
Secondly, there is always an error in the first day because it contains some measurements of the second day too. We want hours from 0 to 23 and if one day starts from a different hour-number except 0, data stops when 24hours are completed and so it contains some data from the next day.
I really need your help because I only know a few things in programming and I must complete this work.
If I was not very enlightening please ask me more questions.(there are comments in the programm that will may also help).


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