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looking for members to my game depolment team

adventuliadventuli Member Posts: 2
[size=5][color=Red]I'm looking for professional programmers who can help me to make game, I pay if we earn with game.[/color][/size]

So I think the game is downloadable and 2D.
I need people to code items monsters accounts maps... Like that.
I can do only make item and monster picks becouse I don't know coding.
I want people who can do this free, or they already have what need.
Programmers who help gets 10% of money we get, I don't need any money.

I need help with:
Monster and item codes
Chat and game basics
Good ideas

PS. You must proof you are professional.

Email me to [email protected] ot comment belowe.
What U can make?
You need me to pay U?
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