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Datetimepicker info

hendrikbezhendrikbez Member Posts: 6
I have a form with a button, textbox and a datetimepicker.

I want to click on datetimepicker and choose a date, then click on button, then the date should show in the textbox.
After I have click on datetimepicker and then the button ,it shows the date, but in the wrong format.

Here is my code

DateTimePickerOutDate.Format = DateTimePickerFormat.Custom
DateTimePickerOutDate.CustomFormat = "dd MMMM yyyy"
txtSearchDateOut.Text = DateTimePickerOutDate.Value

The date that I want it to display must be dd mmmm yyyy (09 October 2012), but is shows in the textbox as 10/09/2012 2:43:22 PM

What am I doing wrong, is there someplace that I must change the datetimepicker values as well.
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