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Password program

MikaelLjMikaelLj SwedenMember Posts: 0


I have made a password program, here it comms.

10 print "Login"
20 input a$
30 if a$ = "password" then goto 50: else goto 10
50 end

Compile it as a standalone program, and change the inlogings word to a word you want to login as. Then start it by write a line i AUTOEXEC.BAT like this: C:\login.exe and then have you protected your DOS computer from ppl who want to make a mess in your DOS computer.


Mikael Lj


  • Polda18Polda18 Czech RepublicMember Posts: 3

    Shouln't it be easier with just batch file? If you don't want to spam your autoexec, you could just create new batch and run that batch in autoexec.

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