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java script function to visual basic code

kinginakokinginako PhilippinesMember Posts: 1

Hi guys iam student and we have this course VB6, and my professor ask us to create a VB6 program of the javascript password encrypter on a certain page. What we need to do is implement the way the javascript to vb6. Something like a button to encrypt and decrypt.

Iam not good in java and Javascript but i have knowledge on VB6 but its really giving me a hardtime.

But from what i see the password was being encrypted to customized RSA Encrypt then again to base64

Heres the sample input password:

password :: Encrypted

Aaaaaaaaa :: nrWKGqPbBM+RoDDq4XaEBqiXzlKbZqMXWkflmchf+5GlDj2TeC/yRT==
Abbbbbbbb :: r2zz8VfpKs00hgYw6wvXuxeLunmio0m4itPaPTnJZWOtY+OCPf hX6G==

heres are the index.js and rsa.js

can anyone help me implement this?
This will be a big help to us who loves programmin yet newbie.

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