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What kind of Pascal dialect is this?

yara2yara2 Member Posts: 0


I have a Pascal source file which I need to compile, you can find code like this in it: type x = array [1:2] of integer; a = ^b; b = record u: x; v : pointer; w,o : a; end;

The file doesn't compile with fpc, what kind of dialect of Pascal may it be?

Thanks for your help!


  • PaulNPaulN USMember Posts: 1

    it doesn't compile because of - array [1:2] -
    in pascal it would be written as - array [1..2] -

    hope this helps, know its late

  • Ozz NixonOzz Nixon USAMember Posts: 2

    Actual answer is "Microsoft Pascal". It support Object Pascal, thus A is Point to B, which is a Record. However, they supported ":" (colon) as your range separator.

    author: ModernPascal (dot) com

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