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CustomColumn or PreviewWindow in XP explorer?

vume5vume5 DMember Posts: 3

let me first explain what functionality I want:

In the Details view of Explorer, I want to navigate throgh the Filename column as if it was a text file.

I want this because currently it takes THREE mouseclicks (selectFile, activate edit mode, positionClick) till I am where I want to be when renaming a file. In a text file, it takes just ONE.

So what I want is a file symbols column for Drag&DropFunction,MultiFileSelect etc on the left side followed by my custom FilenameTextColumn, followed by the other columns.

Should there already be sth with that functionality out there, please tell me.

I suspect it's not possible to implement such functionality with the "Add custom column"-extensibility of WindowsExplorer because the column UI is "hardwired" and not part of customization.

So what would be the easiest way to program this?

There's this folder-dependent window on the left side when you activate "show common tasks in folders" that may be more customizable, but I have it deactivated and would like to leave it that way.

Is there some open-source explorer-extension or explorer replacement that has a preview window? That would certainly be fairly easily to adapt to show a textfile, wouldn't it?

Would be grateful for any tips.

cu vume5

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